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Folding of a universal ribozyme: the ribonuclease P RNA

  • Nathan J. Baird (a1) (a2), Xing-Wang Fang (a3), Narayanan Srividya (a3), Tao Pan (a3) and Tobin R. Sosnick (a2) (a3)...


Ribonuclease P is among the first ribozymes discovered, and is the only ubiquitously occurring ribozyme besides the ribosome. The bacterial RNase P RNA is catalytically active without its protein subunit and has been studied for over two decades as a model system for RNA catalysis, structure and folding. This review focuses on the thermodynamic, kinetic and structural frameworks derived from the folding studies of bacterial RNase P RNA.


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Folding of a universal ribozyme: the ribonuclease P RNA

  • Nathan J. Baird (a1) (a2), Xing-Wang Fang (a3), Narayanan Srividya (a3), Tao Pan (a3) and Tobin R. Sosnick (a2) (a3)...


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