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Quiescent Non-thermal Radio Emission from Stellar Systems

  • Michelle C. Storey (a1) and R. G. Hewitt (a2)


Non-thermal radio emission has been detected from dMe stars, RS CVn binaries and W T Tauri stars. Polarisation and intensity measurements of the quiescent (i.e. non-flaring) emission indicate that the emission is gyrosynchrotron emission from mildly relativistic electrons spiralling in a magnetic field. A three-dimensional dipole magnetic field model for the stellar field is presented and the quiescent gyrosynchrotron emission from such a model is calculated and compared with observations. The model can account for many phenomenological features of quiescent emission. Quantitative comparisons of model results with observations indicate that the electron distribution in the emission region may be a magnetic mirroring distribution.



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Quiescent Non-thermal Radio Emission from Stellar Systems

  • Michelle C. Storey (a1) and R. G. Hewitt (a2)


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