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Period Changes in the X-ray Pulsar GX 1 + 4

  • J. G. Greenhill (a1), A. B. Giles (a1), D. P. Sharma (a1), D. M. Warren (a1), A. Sprent (a1), M. W. Emery (a1), S. W. B. Dieters (a1), K. B. Fenton (a1), R. K. Sood (a2), L. M. Waldron (a2), J. A. Thomas (a2), O. Mace (a2) and R. K. Manchanda (a2)...


The binary X-ray source GX 1 + 4 was observed during a balloon flight in 1986, November. The source was in a relatively high intensity state. Time analysis of the data shows that the pulsation period was 111.8 ± 1.0 s indicating that one or more episodes of spin-down occurred between 1980 and 1986. Folded pulse profiles are very broad with an indication of a notch at the peak. Evidence has been found for a correlation between hard X-ray intensity and phase of the proposed 304 day orbital period. The time averaged intensity since 1980 is an order of magnitude lower than during the 1970’s. A survey of the post 1980 data shows that several reversals of the period derivative have occurred. Spin-up at the rates typical of the 1970’s has been followed by a dramatic spin-down episode with dP/dt>2.4 × 10−7 s/s.



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Period Changes in the X-ray Pulsar GX 1 + 4

  • J. G. Greenhill (a1), A. B. Giles (a1), D. P. Sharma (a1), D. M. Warren (a1), A. Sprent (a1), M. W. Emery (a1), S. W. B. Dieters (a1), K. B. Fenton (a1), R. K. Sood (a2), L. M. Waldron (a2), J. A. Thomas (a2), O. Mace (a2) and R. K. Manchanda (a2)...


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