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HI in the Dusty Elliptical Galaxy NGC 5266

  • R. Morganti (a1) (a2), A. Pizzella (a3), E. M. Sadler (a4) and F. Bertola (a5)


Recent observations with the Australia Telescope Compact Array show that the elliptical galaxy NGC 5266 has a disk of neutral hydrogen extending to almost 10R e. This HI disk lies along the galaxy’s major axis, at right angles to the inner minor-axis dust lane. The geometry and kinematics of the gas will allow us to determine both the intrinsic shape of the stellar galaxy and the mass distribution. The mass-to-light ratio M/L B rises from about 2 in the central regions to ~12 at 9R e (H0 = 50km s−1 Mpc −1).



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