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An Optical and X-ray study of the Radio Source 3C75

  • S. Caganoff (a1), G. V. Bicknel (a1) and D. Carter (a1)


3C75 consists of a pair of twin-jetted radio galaxies near the centre of the cluster Abell 400 which is a strong extended X-ray source. Fibre spectroscopy from the AAT, combined with number counts of the galaxies in Abell 400 give the gravitational potential of the cluster which is used to model the X-ray source. The inferred pressure of the X-ray gas suggests that the lobes of the radio source are probably confined. Evidence of excess X-ray emission near the centre of the cluster is also found.



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An Optical and X-ray study of the Radio Source 3C75

  • S. Caganoff (a1), G. V. Bicknel (a1) and D. Carter (a1)


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