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Neuropsychological and P300 abnormalities in schizophrenics and their relatives

  • H. Roxborough (a1), W. J. Muir (a1), D. H. R. Blackwood (a1), M. T. Walker (a1) and I. M. Blackburn (a1)...


Schizophrenic subjects (N = 30) performed less well than controls (N = 30) on neuropsychological tests sensitive to frontal and temporal lobe impairment and showed prolonged latency of the P300 event-related potential. Relatives of schizophrenic probands were also tested. Relatives with an abnormal P300 had a similar range of neuropsychological deficits as were found in the schizophrenic group and relatives with a normal P300 response performed as well as the normal control group. The results suggest that neurophysiological and neuropsychological testing of relatives may help to clarify the mode of inheritance of schizophrenia in some families.


Corresponding author

1Address for correspondence: Dr H. Roxborough, University Department of Psychiatry, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Morningside Park, Edinburgh EH10 5HF.


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Neuropsychological and P300 abnormalities in schizophrenics and their relatives

  • H. Roxborough (a1), W. J. Muir (a1), D. H. R. Blackwood (a1), M. T. Walker (a1) and I. M. Blackburn (a1)...


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