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Further reliability and validity studies of a procedure to assess the needs for care of the chronically mentally ill

  • I. Van Haaster (a1), A. D. Lesage (a1), M. Cyr (a1) and J. Toupin (a1)


The Needs for Care Assessment Schedule (NFCAS; Brewin et al. 1987) is an itemized and systematic procedure that aims to evaluate the needs for care of long-term mentally ill patients. The present study pursues reliability and validity related issues with the NFCAS in a different cultural context applying the procedure to 98 severely mentally ill patients belonging to different patient groups: short-term, long-term, in-patient and out-patient.

Inter-rater reliability was found to be excellent. The results suggest that a clinician with little practical experience and adequate training may effectively use the procedure. The assessment of clinical relevance suggested that the procedure is both applicable and pertinent to all the patients in the study. Additional guidelines were developed for its use with long-term in-patients.


Corresponding author

1Address for correspondence: Dr Ian van Haaster, Centre de recherche, Hôpital Louis-H. Lafontaine, 7331 rue Hochelaga, Montréal, Canada HIN 3V2.


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Further reliability and validity studies of a procedure to assess the needs for care of the chronically mentally ill

  • I. Van Haaster (a1), A. D. Lesage (a1), M. Cyr (a1) and J. Toupin (a1)


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