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Ethnicity and baseline symptomatology in patients with an At Risk Mental State for psychosis

  • E. Velthorst (a1), D. H. Nieman (a1), W. Veling (a2), R. M. Klaassen (a3), S. Dragt (a1), J. Rietdijk (a4), H. Ising (a2), L. Wunderink (a5), D. H. Linszen (a1), L. de Haan (a1) and M. van der Gaag (a2) (a4)...
  • Please note a correction has been issued for this article.



Ethnicity has been associated with different incidence rates and different symptom profiles in young patients with psychotic-like disorders. No studies so far have examined the effect of ethnicity on symptoms in people with an At Risk Mental State (ARMS).


In this cross-sectional study, we analysed the relationship between ethnicity and baseline data on the severity of psychopathology scores in 201 help-seeking patients who met the ARMS criteria and agreed to participate in the Dutch Early Detection and Intervention (EDIE-NL) trial. Eighty-seven of these patients had a non-Dutch ethnicity. We explored the possible mediating role of ethnic identity.


Higher rates of negative symptoms, and of anhedonia in particular, were found in the ethnic minority group. This result could be attributed mainly to the Moroccan-Dutch and Turkish-Dutch subgroups, who also presented with more depression symptoms when the groups were examined separately. The ethnic minority group displayed a lower level of ethnic group identity compared to the immigrants of the International Comparative Study of Ethnocultural Youth (ICSEY). Ethnic identity was inversely related to symptoms in the Moroccan-Dutch patient group.


The prevalence of more severe negative symptoms and depression symptoms in ethnic minority groups deserves more attention, as the experience of attenuated positive symptoms when accompanied by negative symptoms or distress has proven to be predictive for transition to a first psychotic episode.


Corresponding author

*Address for correspondence: E. Velthorst, M.Sc., Academic Medical Centre, Department of Early Psychosis, Meibergdreef 5, 1105 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (Email:


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