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Aspects of tyrosine metabolism in schizophrenia

  • C. H. Williams (a1)


Disordered amine metabolism is frequently suggested as being of aetiological significance in schizophrenia. The present study investigates the effects of loading doses of the cate-cholamine precursor L-tyrosine in this illness. Groups of schizophrenic and control subjects were given loading doses of L-tyrosine after which plasma tyrosine levels and excretion of some tyrosine metabolities were measured. In only one parameter, excretion of free p-hydroxyphenylacetic acid, was any significant difference observed between the groups. The study is discussed in relation to some of the biochemical theories advanced from time to time for schizophrenia.



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Aspects of tyrosine metabolism in schizophrenia

  • C. H. Williams (a1)


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