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Note on Resistance Change accompanying Transverse Magnetization in Nickel Wire

  • C. G. Knott and Peter Ross


The following result, which forms a part of a prolonged investigation into the relations existing among the quantities, magnetization, resistance, and temperature of the magnetic metals, seems sufficiently novel to merit a short note. The results for longitudinal magnetization were communicated to the Society on May 4, 1903; and a somewhat similar form of apparatus was set up in order to study the effect of high temperatures upon the connection between transverse magnetization and resistance in nickel wire. The smallness of the effect of resistance in nickel due to a transverse magnetic field, as compared with the effect of a longitudinal field, rendered all attempts to measure it with this form of apparatus quite nugatory. We were compelled to fall back upon the method employed by Kelvin, Goldhammer, and others, and use the air-gap of a fairly powerful electromagnet as the field.



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