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The effects and implications of disturbance of mycorrhizal mycelial systems

  • D. J. Read (a1) and C. P. D. Birch (a1)


The likely consequences of disturbance of the mycorrhizal mycelial network in soil are considered, emphasis being placed on the impact of small-scale events upon infection in vesicular-arbuscular and ectomycorrhizal systems. The importance of the intact network is stressed and the effects of its disruption upon infection processes and upon the nutrition of natural plant communities and of crops is analysed. It is considered that the most serious effect of disturbance will be to reduce the inoculum potential of the fungi and hence to decrease the vigour of infections that occur. The impact of these effects is likely to be felt most seriously at the stage of seedling establishment, and the interactions between disturbance events, mycorrhizal infection and plant successional processes are discussed.



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The effects and implications of disturbance of mycorrhizal mycelial systems

  • D. J. Read (a1) and C. P. D. Birch (a1)


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