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Units of indefinite quaternion algebras

  • J. H. H. Chalk (a1)


If ℍ is a rational indefinite quaternion algebra and T is an order of ℍ, let G+(T) denote the subgroup of units uT with norm n(u) = + 1. For a certain class of orders, Eichler has determined the measure μ(G+(T)) of G+(T), viewed as a Fuchsian group. This is extended to arbitrary orders by methods depending only upon classical number-theory and group theory. As an application, an estimate of the magnitude of a small non-trivial solution of the diophantine Pellian equation

is supplied and the restrictions on the integers D and P associated with previous work on this question are eliminated.



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Units of indefinite quaternion algebras

  • J. H. H. Chalk (a1)


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