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Lower semicontinuity in Sobolev spaces below the growth exponent of the integrand

  • Jan Kristensen (a1)


Let there be given a non-negative, quasiconvex function F satisfying the growth condition

for some p ∈]1, ∞[. For an open and bounded set Ω⊂ℝm, we show that if

then the variational integral

is lower semicontinuous on sequences of W1, p functions converging weakly in W1, q. In the proof, we make use of an extension operator to fix the boundary values. This idea is due to Meyers [26] and Maly [22], and the main contribution here is contained in Lemma 4.1, where a more efficient extension operator than the one in [22] (and in [14]) is used. The properties of this extension operator are in a certain sense best possible.



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Lower semicontinuity in Sobolev spaces below the growth exponent of the integrand

  • Jan Kristensen (a1)


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