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Successes and challenges of the APP Coronagraph

  • Matthew A. Kenworthy (a1), Sascha Quanz (a2), Gilles Otten (a1), Tiffany Meshkat (a1), Johanan Codona (a3), Frans Snik (a1), Michael E. Meyer (a2), Markus Kasper (a4) and Julien Girard (a5)...


The Apodizing Phase Plate (APP) coronagraph has been used to image the exoplanet β Pictoris b and the protoplanet candidate around HD 100546, and is currently in use in surveys with NaCo at the VLT. Its success is due to its tolerance to tip-tilt pointing errors in current AO systems, which degrade the performance of nearly all other coronagraphs. Currently the sensitivity of the APP is limited by non-common path errors in the science camera systems and by its chromatic behaviour. We present the achromatized Vector APP coronagraph and address how we will measure and minimise non-common path errors with Focal Plane Wavefront Sensing algorithms.



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