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Single Pulses from the Galactic Center Magnetar with the Very Large Array

  • S. Chatterjee (a1), R. S. Wharton (a1) (a2), J. M. Cordes (a1), G. C. Bower (a3), B. J. Butler (a4), A. T. Deller (a5), P. Demorest (a4), T. J. W. Lazio (a6), W. A. Majid (a6) and S. M. Ransom (a4)...


Phased VLA observations of the Galactic center magnetar J1745-2900 over 8-12 GHz reveal rich single pulse behavior. The average profile is comprised of several distinct components and is fairly stable over day timescales and GHz frequencies. The average profile is dominated by the jitter of relatively narrow pulses. The pulses in each of the four profile components are uncorrelated in phase and amplitude, although the occurrence of pulse components 1 and 2 appear to be correlated. Using a collection of the brightest individual pulses, we verify that the index of the dispersion law is consistent with the expected cold plasma value of 2. The scattering time is weakly constrained, but consistent with previous measurements, while the dispersion measure DM = 1763+3−10 pc cm−3 is lower than previous measurements, which could be a result of time variability in the line-of-sight column density or changing pulse profile shape over time or frequency.



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