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Periodic masers in massive star forming regions

  • S. Goedhart (a1), R. van Rooyen (a1), D. J. van der Walt (a2), J. P. Maswanaganye (a2), G. C. MacCleod (a3) and A. Sanna (a4)...


The first periodic Class II methanol maser was reported on in 2003. Since that time, a number of different monitoring programmes have found periodic masers, as well as other modes of variability. In a few cases, periodicity has been found in other maser species such as formaldehyde and water. Several distinct characteristics of light curves have been noted, possibly pointing to different underlying mechanisms for periodicity if one assumes a linear response to incoming radiation. I will give a brief overview of the known periodic sources, discuss current theories, and present new results obtained from monitoring mainline hydroxyl masers using the seven-element Karoo Array Telescope (KAT-7) during its science verification phase.



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