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NIHAO-UHD: High-resolution Simulations of MW mass galaxies

  • Tobias Buck (a1), Andrea Macciò (a2), Melissa Ness (a1), Aura Obreja (a3) and Aaron Dutton (a2)...


High resolution cosmological and hydrodynamical simulations have reached a resolution able to resolve in a self consistent way the disc of our galaxy, the galaxy center and the satellites orbiting around it. We present first results from the NIHAO-UHD project, a set of very high-resolution baryonic zoom-in simulations of Milky Way mass disc galaxies. These simulations model the full cosmological assembly history of the galaxies and their satellite system using the same, well tested physics as the NIHAO project. We show that these simulations can self-consistently reproduce the observed kinematical and morphological features of the X-shaped bulge observed in our own Milky Way.



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