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New water maser source near HW3d in the massive star-forming region Cepheus A

  • Jeong-Sook Kim (a1) and Soon-Wook Kim (a1) (a2)


Cepheus A is the second nearest high mass star-forming region after Orion. It is characterized by the presence of several phenomena, such as a complex molecular outflow, and multiple radio continuum sources, known as HW sources. The radio continuum and water maser emission have been detected toward HW2, HW3b and HW3d regions, and all of them are considered harboring young stellar objects. In 2014, we performed KaVA observations and detected a new bright maser feature, ~700 mas apart from HW3d, which has not been detected with previous VLBI observations. The relative proper motion of the new maser feature is faster than other regions. It can be a clue for a newly forming star. Alternatively, it may be caused by outflow shock from the star-forming regions such as HW3d or HW3c.



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New water maser source near HW3d in the massive star-forming region Cepheus A

  • Jeong-Sook Kim (a1) and Soon-Wook Kim (a1) (a2)


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