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A Masing Event in the Cat’s Paw

  • G. MacLeod (a1), D. Smits (a2), S. Goedhart (a3), S. Ellingsen (a4), T. Hunter (a5) and C. Brogan (a5)...


We present Kitty, an unprecedented and near simultaneous flaring event in ten transitions (6 hydroxyl, 1 water and 3 methanol), that began on 1 January 2015 in the massive star-forming region NGC6334F located in the Cat’s Paw Nebula. The brightest components in each transition increased by factors of 20 to 70 in line with a factor of ~70 increase in dust emission luminosity for the source MM1. We also report the detection of only the fifth known 4.660 GHz hydroxyl maser and that it varied in a correlated fashion with 1.720, 6.031, and 6.035 GHz hydroxyl counterparts. We postulate that if Kitty, and two historical flares in 1965 & 1999, are accretion events and are caused by the successive passages of a secondary star disrupting the accretion disk, where the frequency of occurrence is cycling down at a rate of ~2.2, it is possible another event will occur in 2022.



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A Masing Event in the Cat’s Paw

  • G. MacLeod (a1), D. Smits (a2), S. Goedhart (a3), S. Ellingsen (a4), T. Hunter (a5) and C. Brogan (a5)...


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