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Four years of starspot evolution on an active F-type ultra-fast rotator KIC 6791060

  • Subhajeet Karmakar (a1), Jeewan C. Pandey (a1), Igor S. Savanov (a2), Ashish Raj (a3), E. S. Dmitrienko (a4), Yurij Pakhomov (a2) and D. K. Sahu (a3)...


Using the data obtained from Kepler satellite, we have analyzed an F-type ultra-fast rotator KIC 6791060. We derive a rotational period of 0.34365±0.00004 d. Multiple periodicity with a period separation of ~0.00016 d was detected, which appears to be a result of the relative velocity between the multiple spot-groups in different stellar latitudes due to the surface differential rotation. Modeling of the surface inhomogeneities using the light curve of 3899 epochs shows the evidence of single active longitude region. The active longitude is found to drift along the longitude at a rate similar to the detected period separation of the F-type star. The surface coverage of cool spots is found to be in the range of ~0.07–0.44%. The low value of the spottedness can be interpreted probably due to the thinner convection zone on the F-type star.



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