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The Environment of the Young Earth in the Perspective of An Young Sun

  • Vladimir S. Airapetian (a1)


Our Sun, a magnetically mild star, exhibits space weather in the form of magnetically driven solar explosive events (SEE) including solar flares, coronal mass ejections and energetic particle events. We use Kepler data and reconstruction of X-ray and UV emission from young solar-like stars to recover the frequency and energy fluxes from extreme events from active stars including the young Sun. Extreme SEEs from a magnetically active young Sun could significantly perturb the young Earth's magnetosphere, cause strong geomagnetic storms, initiate escape and introduce chemical changes in its lower atmosphere. I present our recent simulations results based on multi-dimensional multi-fluid hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic models of interactions of extreme CME and SEP events with magnetospheres and lower atmospheres of early Earth and exoplanets around active stars. We also discuss the implications of the impact of these effects on evolving habitability conditions of the early Earth and prebiotic chemistry introduced by space weather events at the early phase of evolution of our Sun.

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      The Environment of the Young Earth in the Perspective of An Young Sun
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      The Environment of the Young Earth in the Perspective of An Young Sun
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      The Environment of the Young Earth in the Perspective of An Young Sun
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The Environment of the Young Earth in the Perspective of An Young Sun

  • Vladimir S. Airapetian (a1)


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