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The Cohomology Groups of Real Toric Varieties Associated with Weyl Chambers of Types C and D

  • Suyoung Choi (a1), Shizuo Kaji (a2) and Hanchul Park (a3)


Given a root system, the Weyl chambers in the co-weight lattice give rise to a real toric variety, called the real toric variety associated with the Weyl chambers. We compute the integral cohomology groups of real toric varieties associated with the Weyl chambers of type Cn and Dn, completing the computation for all classical types.



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The Cohomology Groups of Real Toric Varieties Associated with Weyl Chambers of Types C and D

  • Suyoung Choi (a1), Shizuo Kaji (a2) and Hanchul Park (a3)


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