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The estimation of chemical, physical and sensory parameters of homogenized fresh pork eye muscle by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS)

  • R. S. Park (a1), R. E. Agnew (a1) (a2), E. Beattie (a1) (a2) and B. W. Moss (a1) (a2)


This study was based on research to identify particular pig breeds, which produce high quality eating pork. Duroc in particular is thought to improve meat quality of progeny when crossed with Large White/Landrace (LW/Lr) hybrid dams by altering the intra-muscular fat (IMF) content of the lean, which is positively related to eating quality (McGloughlin et al., 1988). The extraction of IMF is slow and laborious with harmful solvents involved. Eichinger and Beck (1991) have successfully used NIRS to measure IMF ranging from 1-11% in 39 beef carcases. Ground beef and pork samples have also been predicted for fat, water and protein by NIRS, with prediction errors of 0.82-1.49%, 0.94-1.33% and 0.35-0.70% respectively (Togersen et al.,1999). Instrumental measurements of pork are accepted as indicators of tenderness. Sensory variables such as juiciness, tenderness and flavour are important characteristics for the consumer. Therefore the objective of this study was to explore the potential of NIRS to estimate the chemical, physical and sensory parameters of homogenized fresh pork eye muscle.



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Eichinger, H. and Beck, G. (1991). The estimation of intramuscular fat by NIR measuremaents. Beef carcass and meat quality evaluation. Proceedings of a satellite symposium of the 42nd EAAP annual meeting. Dummerstorf-Rostock, Germany, 6-7 September 1991. p130-139.
McGloughlin, P., Allen, P., Tarrant, T.V and Joseph, P.L. (1988). Growth and carcass quality of crossbred pigs sired by pure bred and cross bred boars. Journal of Animal Science, 23: 8789.
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