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The effect of supplementing the neonatal diet with palm or soya oil on piglet growth performance

  • J. C. Litten (a1), J. Laws (a1), K. S. Perkins (a1), A. M. Corson (a1), I.J. Lean (a1) and L. Clarke (a1)...


Early nutrition of the neonatal pig has a major impact on its survival and subsequent development (Cieslak et al., 1983). The success of maternal nutrition trials has been limited in improving the survival and growth performance of piglets. Milk yield and composition has been altered (Jackson et al., 1995; Averette et al., 1999), which subsequently enhanced piglet health and growth performance but feeding supplemental fat had little or no effect on the birth weight of piglets. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of supplementing palm and/or soya oil directly to the piglet on its subsequent growth performance.



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