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The effect of choice feeding during the rearing period on reproductive function in the gilt

  • S. R. L. Lucas (a1), J. A. Rooke (a1), V. C. Bland (a1), A.G. Sinclair (a1) and S. A. Edwards (a2)...


Previous studies (e.g. Cia et al. 1998) have shown that modification of body composition of the prepubertal gilt has effects on responsiveness of gilts to exogenous gonadotrophin. Growing pigs are able to select a diet from different foods differing in protein:energy ratio (Dalby 1998); however there is little evidence of what effect the conflicting nutritional demands of growth and reproduction have on diet selection. The objectives of the experiment were to quantify the effects of choice feeding on responsiveness of gilts to exogenous gonadotrophin (Cia et al. 1998) and to investigate the effect of protein source on diet selection as Jones et al.(2000) have observed selection by breeding gilts against a high protein diet containing fishmeal.



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Cia, M. C., Edwards, S. A., Glasgow, V. L., Shanks, M. and Fraser, H. 1998. Modification of body composition by altering the dietary lysine to energy ratio during rearing and the effect on reproductive performance of gilts. Animal Science 66: 457463.
Dalby, J. A. 1998. Behaviour and choice feeding. In Progress in Pig Science (ed. Wiseman, J., Varley, M. A. and Chadwick, J. P.) pp.183208.Nottingham University Press, Nottingham.
Jones, G. M., Edwards, S. A., Sinclair, A. G., Gebbie, F. E., Rooke, J. A., Jagger, S. and Hoste, S. 2000. Litter performance and glucose tolerance in lactating gilts of two different genotypes in response to choice-feeding in the pre-pubertal stage and pregnancy. Proceedings of the British Society of Animal Science 2000.


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