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Presentation & Discussion of the Asil Task Force Report on U.S. Policy Towards the International Criminal Court

  • William Taft, Patricia Wald, Mickey Edwards, Michael Newton, Sandra Day O’Conner, Stephen Schwebel, David Tolbert and Ruth Wedgwood...


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1 President Clinton, Statement on the Rome Treaty on the International Criminal Court (Dec. 31, 2000), 37 Weekly Comp. Pres. Doc. 4 (Jan. 8, 2001), reprinted in Sean D. Murphy, United States Practice in International Law, Volume 1: 1999-2001 384 (2002).

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8 Declaration recognizing the Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (Jan. 21, 2009) from Ali Khashan, Minister of Justice, Palestinian National Authority, to ICC Registrar, available at The ICC Registrar acknowledged receipt of the declaration on January 23, 2009 “without prejudice to a judicial determination on the applicability of Article 12 paragraph 3” to the declaration. Letter from Silvana Arbia, ICC Registrar, to Ali Khashan, Minister of Justice, Palestinian National Authority (Jan. 23, 2009), available at

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13 The following analysis is substantially based on a memorandum provided to the ASIL Task Force. Memorandum from Duncan Hollis, Associate Professor of Law, Temple University School of Law to the ASIL Task Force (Dec. 16, 2008) (on file with the ASIL Task Force).

14 VCLT, supra note 9, art. 18. See infra text of Report accompanying notes 33-36.

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17 See, in the Report, infra note 212 and accompanying text.


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