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Swedish Civilian Planning for Anesthesia in Peace Time, Crises and War

  • Karl-Axel Norberg (a1), Eskil Dalenius (a1) and Borje Hallen (a1)


In recent years, medical care in Sweden as in other small countries, has become increasingly dependent upon the availability of imported goods. The consequences of even limited import restrictions of drugs and supplies has necessitated special planning for such a contingency. Special difficulties in this respect would arise in the field of anesthesia and intensive care, as all drugs for general anesthesia, and almost all disposable items used in anesthesia and intensive care in Sweden, are imported. To solve this problem, it would be necessary to ration drugs and materials, increase domestic production, introduce resterilization of disposable equipment and again use nondisposable supplies. In addition, stores of drugs and supplies are being built up to be used as a reserve in case of blockade or war. The nursing standards would have to be changed, by delegation to other personnel so that nurses take a larger responsibility, and by using methods which are unusual or even unknown to the staff in service today, i.e. ether anesthesia.



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Swedish Civilian Planning for Anesthesia in Peace Time, Crises and War

  • Karl-Axel Norberg (a1), Eskil Dalenius (a1) and Borje Hallen (a1)


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