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Structure of melt-quenched AgIn3Te5

  • C. Rangasami (a1), P. Malar (a2), T. Osipowicz (a2), Mahaveer K. Jain (a1) and S. Kasiviswanathan (a1)...


Polycrystalline AgIn3Te5 synthesized by melt-quench technique has been analyzed using proton induced X-ray emission (PIXE), X-ray diffraction (XRD), and selected area electron diffraction. PIXE analysis yielded the content of Ag, In, and Te, respectively, to be 9.76%, 31.18%, and 59.05% by weight. Structure refinement was carried out considering those space groups from I- and P-type tetragonal systems which possess 4 symmetry and preserve the anion sublattice arrangement of the chalcopyrite structure (space group: I42d) as well. The results showed that AgIn3Te5 synthesized by melt-quench method crystallizes with P-type tetragonal structure (space group: P42c; unit-cell parameters a = 6.2443(8) and c = 12.5058(4) Å), the presence of which was corroborated by selected area electron diffraction studies.


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Structure of melt-quenched AgIn3Te5

  • C. Rangasami (a1), P. Malar (a2), T. Osipowicz (a2), Mahaveer K. Jain (a1) and S. Kasiviswanathan (a1)...


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