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Structure of AFeTi(PO4)3 (A=Ca,Cd) Nasicon phases from powder X-ray data

  • Abderrahim Aatiq (a1) and Hicham Dhoum (a1)


AFeTi(PO4)3 (A=Ca,Cd) materials were obtained by solid state reaction in air at 1000 °C. Structures of the two compounds were determined from X-ray diffraction data using Rietveld analysis. Both phases exhibit the Nasicon-type structure (R3¯c space group) with a statistical Fe(Ti) distribution within the framework. Their hexagonal cell parameters are a=8.518(1) Å, c=21.797(2) Å and a=8.534(1) Å, c=21.416(2) Å, for CaFeTi(PO4)3 and CdFeTi(PO4)3, respectively. Cd atoms occupy the M1 site in CdFeTi(PO4)3. From XRD data, it is difficult to distinguish without ambiguity between Ca2+ and Ti4+ ions in CaFeTi(PO4)3. Nevertheless from the cation–anion distance found after the structure determination, Ca2+ distribution within the M1 site of Nasicon structure are validated.


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Structure of AFeTi(PO4)3 (A=Ca,Cd) Nasicon phases from powder X-ray data

  • Abderrahim Aatiq (a1) and Hicham Dhoum (a1)


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