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Structural characterization of two K2SnX(PO4)3 (X=Fe,Yb) with langbeinite structure

  • Abderrahim Aatiq (a1), Btissame Haggouch (a1), Rachid Bakri (a1), Youssef Lakhdar (a1) and Ismael Saadoune (a2)...


Structures of two K2SnX(PO4)3(X=Fe,Yb) phosphates, obtained by conventional solid state reaction techniques at 950 °C, were determined at room temperature by X-ray powder diffraction using Rietveld analysis. The two materials exhibit the langbeinite-type structure (P213 space group, Z=4). Cubic unit cell parameter values are: a=9.9217(4) Å and a=10.1583(4) Å for K2SnFe(PO4)3 and K2SnYb(PO4)3, respectively. Structural refinements show that the two crystallographically independent octahedral sites (of symmetry 3) have a mixed Sn∕X (X=Fe,Yb) population although ordering is stronger in the Yb phase than in the Fe phase.


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Structural characterization of two K2SnX(PO4)3 (X=Fe,Yb) with langbeinite structure

  • Abderrahim Aatiq (a1), Btissame Haggouch (a1), Rachid Bakri (a1), Youssef Lakhdar (a1) and Ismael Saadoune (a2)...


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