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Standard X-Ray Diffraction Powder Patterns of Sixteen Ceramic Phases

  • Winnie Wong-Ng (a1), Howard F. McMurdie (a1), Boris Paretzkin (a1), Yuming Zhang (a1), Katherine L. Davis (a1), Camden R. Hubbard (a1), Alan L. Dragoo (a1) and James M. Stewart (a1)...


The following sixteen reference patterns of boride, silicide, nitride and oxide ceramics represent the second group of reference patterns measured at the National Bureau of Standards under the project “High Quality Reference Patterns and Total Digital Powder Patterns of Technologically Important Ceramic Phases”. Included in the sixteen reference patterns are data for two high Tc superconducting oxide phases (CuSr0.2La1.8O4 and Ba2Cu3YO7) plus one related phase (BaCuY2O5). In addition to these new phases, five other patterns represent phases previously not contained in the PDF and eight represent major corrections to data in the file. The general methods of producing these X-ray powder diffraction reference patterns are described in this journal, Vol. 1, No. 1, pg. 40 (1986).



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