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Recent advances in experimental thermodynamics of metal–organic frameworks

  • Hui Sun (a1) (a2) and Di Wu (a3) (a4) (a5) (a6)


This mini review summarizes recent advances in experimental thermodynamics of metal–organic frameworks (MOFs). Taking advantage of the development in mechanochemistry, near-room temperature solution calorimetry, and low-temperature heat capacity measurements, the energetic landscape, entropy trends, and Gibbs free energy evolutions of MOFs with true polymorphism [Zn(MeIm)2, Zn(EtIm)2, and Zn(CF3Im)2] as framework topology varies were thoroughly explored by integrated calorimetric and computational methodologies. In addition, the formation enthalpies of MOFs with ultrahigh porosity (MOF-177 and UMCM-1) and the simplest structure (metal formates) have been determined. The studies summarized below highlight the complex interplays among interrelated compositional, chemical, and topological (structural) factors in the determination of the thermodynamic parameters of MOFs.


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Recent advances in experimental thermodynamics of metal–organic frameworks

  • Hui Sun (a1) (a2) and Di Wu (a3) (a4) (a5) (a6)


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