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The effect of the partial substitution of sulfur on the structural and microstructural properties of selenium

  • Z. K. Heiba (a1), M. B. El-Den (a1) and Karimat El-Sayed (a1)


Samples of amorphous Se, SSe40, SSe30, and SSe20 were synthesized and were then crystallized by annealing at 373 K for 5, 20, and 120 mins. The results showed that the changes in the structural and microstructural parameters for samples SSe40, and SSe30 are different from those of sample SSe20. These discrepancies are being discussed in terms of the peak shifts in both the amorphous and crystalline state, the percentage of sulfur compositional variations, and finally in terms of the probable site occupancy of the sulfur atoms in the selenium structure.


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The effect of the partial substitution of sulfur on the structural and microstructural properties of selenium

  • Z. K. Heiba (a1), M. B. El-Den (a1) and Karimat El-Sayed (a1)


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