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Crystal structure and diffraction data for a polymorph of voglibose (C10H21NO7)

  • G. Q. Zhang (a1) and G. L. Lv (a1)


X-ray powder diffraction data of voglibose are reported, and its crystal and molecular structures were determined by simulated annealing and rigid-body Rietveld refinement methods. Voglibose was found to be crystallized in triclinic symmetry with space group P-1. The lattice parameters were determined to be a=6.1974(6) Å, b=6.9918(5) Å, c=7.3955(9) Å, α=70.8628(3), β=103.5312(4), γ=94.3867(5)°, V=294.2(2) Å3, and ρcal=1.495 g/cm3. The crystal structure contains isolated C10H21NO7 molecular.


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