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Cerium Oxygen Apatite (Ce4.67[SiO4]3O) X-Ray Diffraction Pattern Revisited

  • A. Cuneyt Tas (a1) and Mufit Akinc (a1)


A new X-ray diffraction pattern for the compound cerium oxygen apatite, Ce4.67[SiO4]3O is suggested. The compound was prepared by the solid state reaction of the oxides, CeO2 and SiO2 and has a hexagonal crystal structure with the lattice constants a = 9.6578 Å and c = 7.1187 Å. The sample of the most recent PDF pattern 31-0336* (Visser, 1978) for this compound is believed to be contaminated with significant quantities of N owing to the fact that it was prepared by mixing Ce2O3 and Si3N4 and its very close resemblance to the pattern displayed in the PDF 33-0333 given for the cerium “nitrogen” apatite, Ce5[SiO4]3N.



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