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Publication process after acceptance


Once an article has been accepted, the process of copyediting, proofing, typesetting and publishing the article will begin. On acceptance, the editorial team will be in contact with the corresponding author to provide specific instructions about how to prepare the accepted manuscript for copyediting and typesetting.

Your point of contact with Cambridge University Press will be the content manager of the journal. For more information about how production works at Cambridge University Press, please see our information on publishing an accepted paper, which explains how an article goes from accepted manuscript to fully published. There may be small differences between journals with this process. You can also check our Journal Production FAQs.

If you have a specific question about PMLA, please contact the editorial office, at

Licence to publish

Once your article has been accepted, but before it can proceed into production, we need a signed licence to publish form. Further information about this may be found in the publishing agreement page.


Changes cannot be made to articles once published. Any changes must be made via the standard process of issuing a correction notice. Please contact the Editorial Office and Content Manager for the journal if any error has been identified. The final decision on whether a correction notice should be published will be taken by the Publisher in consultation with the Editorial Team. For more information please refer to our FAQs.

Access to your articles

Once your article has been published, authors will receive a code which will provide perpetual access in both HTML and PDF formats.