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Surficial Physical Sedimentary Structures of Bahia la Choya

  • Michael J. Hayes (a1)


I observed and measured the orientations of common physical sedimentary structures on the beach and spit, estero, tidal channel, and inner and outer tidal flats of Bahia la Choya. The spit is characterized by wind ripples and the beach typically displays swash marks. Mudcracks typify the high marsh portions of the estero while the meandering estero channel contains ripples and megaripples. The inner and outer tidal flats are dominated by small, ebb-oriented, straight-crested to undulatory current ripples. The current ripples are often superimposed on flood-oriented ridges and runnels of the outer flat. Rill marks, tool marks, and current crescents occur sporadically. Ebb-oriented megaripples, small current ripples, and primary current lineations occur in the tidal channel.

Ripple crests trend from N15E - N40E on the southern tidal flats to N10W - N20W on the northern flats. The crests roughly parallel the shoreline and are normal to tidal currents.



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