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Threats to the evergreen forests of southern Malawi

  • F. Dowsett-Lemaire (a1) and R. J. Dowsett (a1)


Malawi has a large number of isolated highland forests on either side of the Rift Valley. While those in the north do not at present suffer from serious degradation, in the south several have been much encroached upon for fuel wood and land for cultivation. As a result localized birds, reptiles, butterflies and plant species are threatened. In a two-year exploration of the evergreen forests of the country conducted for the Forestry Department, the authors surveyed the distribution and status of the flora and fauna, and identified threats to the survival of the rarer taxa.



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Threats to the evergreen forests of southern Malawi

  • F. Dowsett-Lemaire (a1) and R. J. Dowsett (a1)


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