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Phaseless Imaging by Reverse Time Migration: Acoustic Waves

  • Zhiming Chen (a1) and Guanghui Huang (a2)


We propose a reliable direct imaging method based on the reverse time migration for finding extended obstacles with phaseless total field data. We prove that the imaging resolution of the method is essentially the same as the imaging results using the scattering data with full phase information when the measurement is far away from the obstacle. The imaginary part of the cross-correlation imaging functional always peaks on the boundary of the obstacle. Numerical experiments are included to illustrate the powerful imaging quality


Corresponding author

*Corresponding author. Email addresses: (Z.-M. Chen), (G.- H. Huang)


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Phaseless Imaging by Reverse Time Migration: Acoustic Waves

  • Zhiming Chen (a1) and Guanghui Huang (a2)


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