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ZnO-based transparent anodes for organic light-emitting devices

  • K. Sivaramakrishnan (a1), N. Bakken (a1) and T. L. Alford (a1)


ZnO/Au/ZnO (ZAZ) electrodes grown on flexible PEN substrates were evaluated as transparent electrodes for organic light-emitting devices (OLEDs). OLEDs fabricated with the ZAZ electrodes showed reduced leakage in contrast to control OLEDs on ITO and reduced ohmic losses at high current densities. At a luminance of 25000 cd/m2, the lum/W efficiency of the ZAZ electrode based device was 5% greater than for the device on ITO. The ZAZ electrodes also allow for a broader spectral output in the green wavelength region of peak photopic sensitivity compared to ITO. The results have implications for electrode choice in display technology.



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