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ZnO: In Thin Films Prepared with Different Precursor Salts by Spray Pyrolysis and Studied by Electron Microscopy.

  • D. R. Acosta (a1), O. Lovera (a1), A. Maldonado (a2), R. Asomoza (a2), H. Gómez (a2), A. Palafox (a2), M. De la L. Olvera (a2) and J. Palacios-Gómez (a3)...


In this work we present some results of a systematical study of structural and optoelectronic properties of Zn O: In thin films obtained by spray pyrolysis when the acidity and the solvent used in starting solution were varied. Structure of our samples was derived from X ray diffraction and conventional electron microscopy observations.



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