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Zirconolite-Rich Titanate Ceramics for High-Level Actinide Wastes

  • Eric R. Vance (a1), P.J. Angel (a1), B.D. Begg (a1) and R.A. Day (a1)


New diffraction and microstructural data on the incorporation of rare earths, Np and Pu in nominally single-phase zirconolite (CaZrTi2O7) are presented. Such data are vital for the crystal-chemical design of zirconolite-rich titanate ceramics of the Synroc family, for the immobilization of up to 30 wt% of actinide wastes from advanced reprocessing/partitioning schemes. Some trial zirconolite-rich ceramics were made with U and Nd simulating tetravalent and trivalent actinides respectively. Some preliminary results to examine chemical flexibility with regards to variations in waste/precursor are given, for different actinide waste compositions.



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Zirconolite-Rich Titanate Ceramics for High-Level Actinide Wastes

  • Eric R. Vance (a1), P.J. Angel (a1), B.D. Begg (a1) and R.A. Day (a1)


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