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Yield Stress Anomaly for 1/2〈112] {1111} Slip in y-Titanium Aluminide

  • S. Jiao (a1), N. Bird (a1), P. B. (a1) and G. Taylor (a1)


Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) studies of dislocation structures in single crystals of TiAl containing 54.5 or 54.7 at% Al deformed at different temperatures revealed the occurrence of slip on ½〈112]{ {111} at room temperature and near the peak of the yield stress anomaly (YSA). Measurements of the corresponding yield stresses revealed the existence of a YSA for this type of slip. Weak-beam TEM showed the presence of locks at room temperature for 30° dislocations and at high temperatures for edge dislocations. Both types of locks involve dissociation on two intersecting { 1111} type planes, driven by reduction in elastic strain energy. The edge dislocation dissociation at high temperatures involves both climb and glide.



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