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Y-Doping Effects on the Dielectric Behavior of RF-Sputtered BST Thin Films

  • Ruey-Ven Wang (a1), Paul C. McIntyre (a1), John D. Baniecki (a2), Kenji Nomura (a2), Takeshi Shioga (a2) and Kazuaki Kurihara (a2)...


High dielectric constant, perovskite-structure materials, such as barium strontium titanate (BST), have been widely investigated for use in GHz LSI decoupling capacitor applications. In addition to modifying deposition process parameters, such as increasing deposition temperature, doping may be a viable way to increase permittivity and tunability in BST thin films without increasing the thermal budget. In this research, the effects of Y dopants on the dielectric behavior of RF-sputtered BST thin films have been systematically investigated. The BST thin films were deposited using ceramic targets with different compositions of yttrium oxide dopant. With Y-doping concentration of ∼ 1.3 at.%, the permittivity at around zero electrical fields can be increased by more than 70% compared to nominally undoped BST thin films produced under the same deposition conditions. Based on x-ray diffraction strain analysis and inductively-coupled plasma composition measurements, the correlations among the dopant composition, BST film elastic strain and dielectric behavior have been systematically studied.



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