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Yb3+ Sensitised Er3+ Doped Silica Optical Fibre with Ultra High Transfer Efficiency and Gain

  • J. E. Townsend (a1), W. L. Barnes (a1) and S. G. Crubb (a2)


Efficient 1.54 μm emission under 1064nm excitation of Er3+/Yb3+ codoped silica fibre is reported. The energy transfer efficiency from Yb3+ to Er3+, of at least 85%, even under high inversion, is comparable to that in multicomponent glass fibres. Fibre design parameters are discussed and results presented. Small signal gain of ˜ 45dB is also measured and a power amplifier giving 145mW output power demonstrated.



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2. Developed under contract to Amoco Technology Co. by Schott Glass technology Inc., USA
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