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X-Ray Microscopy Of Multiphase Polymeric Materials

  • H. Ade (a1), A. P. Smith (a1), G. R. Zhuang (a1), B. Wood (a2), I. Plotzker (a2), E. Rightor (a3), D.-J. Liu (a4), S.-C. Lui (a4) and C. Sloop (a5)...


We have utilized the scanning transmission x-ray microscope at Brookhaven National Laboratory to acquire high energy resolution spectra of various polymers and to investigate the bulk characteristics of multiphasic polymeric materials with chemical sensitivity at a spatial resolution of about 50 nm. We present studies ranging from phase separated liquid crystalline polyesters and polyurethanes to various polymer blends. Improvements in the NEXAFS imaging and spectral acquisition protocol in the recent past provide much improved spectral fidelity and include in situ energy calibration with CO2.



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