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Wave Polymerization During Vapor Deposition of Porous Parylene-N Dielectric Films

  • James Erjavec (a1), John Sikita (a1), Stephen P. Beaudoin (a1) and Gregory B. Raupp (a1)


Parylene-N films vapor deposited near liquid nitrogen temperature (77 K) undergo a unique ‘wave’ polymerization process in which a rapidly moving reaction front is apparent as the film changes from translucent to optically opaque. This moving reaction front produces a highly porous polymer film. The porosity of these films is approximately 80%. By capturing the wave process on video we have quantified the moving ‘wave’ velocity, which averages 11 cm/s. Timeaveraged deposition rates of the resulting opaque, porous films are more than 8 μm/min. This rate is more than two orders of magnitude greater than the measured deposition rates of nonporous films that are deposited at higher temperatures, at otherwise fixed conditions of monomer delivery rate and deposition chamber pressure.



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