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W2B based High Thermal Stability Ohmic Contacts to n-GaN

  • Rohit Khanna (a1), S J Pearton (a2), C J Kao (a3), I I Kravchenko (a4), F Ren (a5), G C Chi (a6), A Dabiran (a7) and A Osinsky (a8)...


A novel metallization scheme for Ohmic contact (Ti/Al/ W2B /Ti/Au) to n-GaN using high temperature boride was studied using contact resistance, scanning electron microscopy and Auger Electron Spectroscopy measurements. A minimum contact resistance of 7×10-6 Ω.cm2 was achieved for W2B based scheme at an annealing temperature of 800 °C. Contact resistances were found to be essentially independent of measurement temperature, indicating that tunneling plays a dominant role in the current transport. The outdiffusion of Ti to the surface at temperatures of ∼500°C, and at 800°C the onset of intermixing of Al within the contact was found to occur. By 1000°C, the contact showed a reacted appearance and AES showed almost complete intermixing of the metallization. The reliability measurements for the contact resistance of W2B based contact showed excellent stability for extended periods at 200°C, which simulates the type of device operating temperature that might be expected for operation of GaN-based power electronic devices.



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