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VLS Growth of Si nanowhiskers on a H-terminated Si{111} surface

  • N. Ozaki (a1), Y. Ohno (a1), S. Takeda (a1) and M. Hirata (a1)


We have grown Si nanowhiskers on a Si{1111} surface via the vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) mechanism. The minimum diameter of the crystalline is 3nm and is close to the critical value for the effect of quantum confinement. We have found that many whiskers grow epitaxially or non-epitaxially on the substrate along the 〈112〉 direction as well as the 〈111〉 direction.

In our growth procedure, we first deposited gold on a H-terminated Si{111} surface and prepared the molten catalysts of Au and Si at 500°C. Under the flow of high pressure silane gas, we have succeeded in producing the nanowhiskers without any extended defects. We present the details of the growth condition and discuss the growth mechanism of the nanowhiskers extending along the 〈112〉 direction.



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