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Visible Photoluminescence from SI1-xGEx Quantum Wells

  • T.W. Steiner (a1), L.C. Lenchyshyn (a1), M.L.W. Thewalt (a1), D.C. Houghton (a2), J.-P. Noël (a2), N.L. Rowell (a2), J.C. Sturm (a3) and X. Xiao (a3)...


We have observed photoluminescence from strained SiGe quantum well layers at energies approximately equal to twice the SiGe band-gap energy. This luminescence is caused by the simultaneous recombination of two electron hole pairs yielding a single photon. Detection of luminescence at twice the band-gap has been previously used in Si to observe luminescence originating from electron-hole droplets, biexcitons, bound multiexciton complexes and polyexcitons. Time resolved spectra at twice the band-gap have been obtained from our SiGe samples prepared by molecular beam epitaxy (MIRE) as well as rapid thermal chemical vapor deposition (RTCVD). This new luminescence clearly distinguishes multiexciton or dense e-h plasma processes from single exciton processes such as bound excitons, free excitons or localized excitons, which are difficult to separate in the usual nearinfrared luminescence.



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